Many carts will work automatically by just turning on the switch under 'Cart Page Settings' in the left menu. If that doesn't work, follow the steps below to install the badges on your cart page. 

Please note that many themes have unique carts (side drawer, top drawer, pop up box, etc). These carts can be harder to work with and could need help from our team or your theme developer. Please reach out to us if you encounter issues. 


1. In the left menu under 'Footer settings' turn the switch on to activate that location.

2. Copy the cart manual install code highlighted in pink.  <div id="free-trust-badge-cart"></div> 

3. Click the blue link that says 'template file' in the 'Cart Page Settings' section. This will automatically open the cart-template.liquid file in your theme editor. NOTE: Not every theme uses this file as the cart file. Your theme developer would know which file to use if the cart-template.liquid is not correct. Most themes use cart-template.liquid.

5. Press CTR + F (PC) or CMD + F (Mac) to bring up the search bar. Search for '/form' to find the end of the cart form that contains the checkout buttons.

6. Paste the footer code after the line that contains the </form> code as seen below.

7. Click the purple 'Save' button in the top left and check your cart page.

You can add the badges anywhere on the cart page template.