Many carts will work automatically by just turning on the switch under 'Cart Page Settings' in the left menu. If that doesn't work, follow the steps below to install the badges on your cart page. 

Please note that many themes have unique carts (side drawer, top drawer, pop up box, etc). These carts can be harder to work with and could need help from our team or your theme developer. Please reach out to us if you encounter issues. 

Also, please note that not all dynamic carts are supported. Dynamic carts can also not be used with the drag and drop editor. 


1. In the left menu under 'Footer settings' turn the switch on to activate that location.

2. Click the Select Location button
3. Our app will load your cart page in our drag and drop editor and you can hover over locations on the page. When the badges appear it means they can be placed in that location. When you are ready to place the badges simply click to place them there. 

Please note that you need to add a product to your cart first so you can see the full cart experience.

4. After placing the badges, just click the Save Trust Badge position button in the bottom right of the app.