The homepage is a little more difficult to figure out because every theme and shop is built differently. The below instructions are for the most common location that shop owners will place their badges.

You can place the badges anywhere you want on your homepage, but you may need to check with your theme developer to ask which file you need to use to paste the code. 


1. In the left menu under 'Home page settings' turn the switch on.

2. Copy the homepage manual install code highlighted in pink. <div id="free-trust-badge-home"></div> 
3. Click the blue link that says 'template file'. This will open the theme editor.

4. In the menu, click on the 'Sections' dropdown. Then click on 'featured-product.liquid'. Most themes have a featured product on the homepage which is where you will want to place the code. 

5. Press CTR + F (PC) or CMD + F (Mac) to bring up the search. Search for 'endform' or '/form' (depending on your theme) which is the end of the submit buttons. 

6. Paste the code just after this section of code

7. Click the purple 'Save' button in the top left and check your home page.