When you upgrade to the Premium version, you get the following options:

All Basic features plus...

  1. 280+ premium badges
  2. Full-color badges
  3. Add badges to your cart page (Please note that badges do not display on dynamic sidebar carts because the badges are still visible on the page with this setup. We didn't want to clutter your site by duplicating the badges on one page.)
  4. Add badges to your home page. (To do this you can add <div id="hektor-trust-badge"></div> in the homepage theme file of your site.)
  5. Add badges to your header or footer for the entire site
  6. Lifetime access with a one-time payment

Most Shopify apps charge you a monthly fee forever to keep using the app. We wanted our Premium version to be a great value for all stores to use for life. 

Looking for more features? We'd love to hear what you'd like to see added. Just email us at support@hektorcommerce.com