Setting up all-in-one bar is very easy. It comes with a design present. So you can either use the preset settings or use your custom setting. All the features are self-explanatory and come with a built-in real time preview option. You can see how it will look before you save. While customization, the best practices are to blend the style perfectly with Shopify's checkout page.


Colour scheme: Usually in most Shopify template, there is one primary color and 1 or 2 secondary color. So it is pretty easy to blend the design. At all-in-one bar dashboard, you can directly input color code as well as select one from the color selector.

Typography: Don't worry about that. All-in-one bar automatically detects the typography of your template and uses that to blend in perfectly.

Compatibility: All-in-one bar is designed and tested with most of the popular Shopify templates. We have followed development best practices carefully to make it compatible with most of the designs and screen sizes. If you find any incompatibility with your template, contact us and we will sort it out as soon as possible.

Countdown timer: If you are using the countdown timer short-code in your message setting, make sure you configure the timer with a valid countdown period. Use the feature Reset, if you want to set the timer once and let it reset every the countdown period runs out.

How to Setup?

Step 1: After installing the app on your store Activate Bar toggle button on app dashboard which turns on/off the bar with a single click.

Step 2: Create the message according to your requirements. The best practice for this bar is to announce your unique sales point and contact info like toll free number or support email.

             We support HTML and short code, you can add the following short-codes on your message to make your bar more attractive.

  • [GREETINGS] = Which displays personalized greetings like Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening based on user’s local timer

  • [BUTTON] = Clickable Button to redirects user on another page.

    Properties of button:
     1. Call To Action Button Text : Enter the text for the button over here.
     2. Call To Action Button Link : Enter the link of the page where you want to redirects user by clicking on this button.

  • [TIMER] =  Add Countdown timer on your bar using this short code.

     Properties of timer:
     1. Under Countdown Timer Setting  Enable countdown timer toggle button to activate timer on your bar. (If it is disabled then timer will not display on your bar even if you have added shortcode on message text)
     2. When countdown ends set the timer according to your requirements

     Hide - It will hide the timer when the countdown ends.
     Reset - it will reset the timer to previously selected time.
     Nothing- it will not effect on anything even if countdown ends.

     3. Translate the countdown text.
     Using this option you can translate the text Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds according to your requirements. 

Step 3: Change the Bar Position & Behavior.

           1. Properties of Bar Position:
             Top Fixed - It will display bar on the top of the header of your store.

             Bottom Fixed -  It will display bar on the bottom of your store and below the footer.


           2. Properties of Hide: It is auto hiding option 

             Never - Your bar will display forever on your store

             After timer interval- You can set this property to auto hide the bar after an interval of time you have selected.

           3. Bar Cross Button: this toggle button enables cross button on your bar, User can cross the bar forever If user don't want to see the bar again on store(Bar will appear again after clearing browser cache)

Step 4: Display settings.


           1. Geo-Target - It will display the bar based on users geographic location you have selected. 

              Select Country for which you want to display the bar.


Step 5: Font & color settings, customize your bar background color, height and padding style.


           1. Text - Clicking on you can make your bar text bold as well as clicking on I you can make bar text Italic 

           2. Button - Clicking on you can make your button text bold as well as clicking on I you can make button text Italic

           3. Font Size - Using this slider you can increase or reduce the font size of bar message text.

           4. Color - Customize the color of Bar, Text, Border, Button and Button text.

           5. Border Width - You can change the border width using this slider.

           6. Border Transparent - Make border transparent by enabling this toggle button.

All this functionality of bar is included on the FREE version of the app.

If you'll upgrade your bar to Plus plan then you can enable the following new functionality on your bar.

  • Open Link In New Window

    To open link in a new page which you have added on Call To Action Button Link enable this toggle button.

  • Countdown Timezone

    It will enable functionality to add the time zone manually from your app dashboard.

  • Bar appearance animation

    This functionality will enable Bar Initial Animation which you can select from drop down.

  • Show/Hide bar on specific pages

    Using this functionality you can select the page of your store where you want to display the bar. You can choose any of following.
        Notification bar on entire site
        Show on the home page only
        Include URLs
        Exclude URLs 

  • Select from over 30 Fonts
    You can select the font of your choice for bar text and button text.

  • Custom CSS

    You can add the custom CSS if you want to make minor changes on bar's layout.


How to Upgrade?


To upgrade your All-in-one bar click on Plan button above live preview section. It will redirect to the following page.

Click on green Upgrade button to subscribe plus plan.

If you don't want to use the plus plan don't worry you can downgrade the plan anytime by clicking on Downgrade button.

Hope this article helps. If you have any further queries you can create New support ticket anytime.