Free Trust badge is designed and tested with most popular Shopify templates. We have followed development best practices carefully to make it compatible with most of the designs and screen sizes. If you find any incompatibility with your template, contact us and we will sort it out as soon as possible.

Setup Instructions

Step 1: After installing the app, make sure the 'Activate Badge' button is turned to on.

Step 2: Choose which badges you would like to display. Simply click the 'Add badge' button to select from the list of available badges. We recommend adding a maximum of 6 badges to keep your store design clean and avoid badges breaking to two lines. Please note that after upgrading to the premium version, you will need to select the color badges. We have multiple designs to choose from so the badges will not automatically turn to full-color.

Step 3: Customize your badge design

Color - Change the color of the text and badges.

Text - Customize the test that will display above the badges.

Fonts -  Choose your desired font family.

Maximum width of elements -  Change the width of badges to match your store layout. Test this to see how it looks on your site.

Icon size - Increase or decrease the size of the badges.

Text font size - Change the pitch font size.

Text format - Customize the style of the message above the badges.

Show badge labels - Enable or disable the name labels for your badges displayed below the badges.


The default display position for the badges is below the Add to cart button on the product page. To display the badge in custom location on the product page, please follow these instructions.

Step 4: Set your badge alignment

Each badge location can be aligned to match your shop layout. For the product page, click the 'Product page settings' dropdown and choose your alignment preference.


Step 5: Upgrade to the Premium Version

When you are ready, upgrade to the premium version to get over 280+ premium badges and other display locations (cart, homepage, header/footer). Just click the 'Premium Upgrade +' button in the top menu bar of the app and then follow the instructions to upgrade. 

Premium members can also add custom CSS to make custom changes to the app layout. For advanced users.


If you have any further questions you can create a new support ticket.