Setting up and using Volume Discount app is totally no brainer. There is an easy to use panel to create your discount campaigns. To start with volume discount, you will need to create coupon from your Shopify dashboard. If you already have the coupon it takes a few minutes to create and launch campaign.

Step-1: Create coupons for your store
To start with, you will need existing coupons code of your store. If you haven’t created any discount coupon yet, go to Discount Tab of your store and create your first coupon. If you are going to use different discount rules then create multiple coupons based on your plan.

Step-2: Activate volume discount
Activate volume discount app for your store by turning on the Activation button. If you ever need to pause your discount campaigns, just turn off the button. All your previous discount rules will remain saved. No need to uninstall the app.

Step-3: Discount based on cart total

To offer a discount based on user’s cart total, activate this feature. You can add unlimited discount rules. Along with users cart total, the discount rule will change dynamically and give your customer an immersive shopping experience. Discount rule example: 10% discount for $100 or more cart total and 20% discount for $150 or more cart total.

Step-4: Discount based on cart product number

To offer a discount based on user’s cart product number, activate this feature. This feature is really great at pursuing customers to buy more. You can design campaigns for products like buy 3 and get 1 free using this rule. You can add as much discount rules as you want.

Step-5: Discount based on copies of same product

To offer a discount based on copies of the same product, activate this feature. This is another awesome way to sell in bulk. You can design campaigns like order 3 copy of this shirt and get 1 free. It really helps to improve conversions and revenue. Discount direct supports unlimited rules. Feel free to add as many as you want.

Step-6: Set priority of rules

If you have activated all the 3 discount rules, you will need to set your discount rule priority. If two or more rules match the same user, app will apply coupon depending on rule priority. Drag and drop the priority list to rearrange.

Step-7: Message settings

Our app comes with a preset message but if you want to customize it, use this field. Display a custom notification message to your shoppers when a discount is applied. Volume discount supports shortcodes, [DISCOUNT] = Discount amount, [COUPON] = Coupon code.

Feel free to reach us for any kind of assistance you need.