Setting up retentio is very easy. It comes with a design preset. So you can either use the preset settings or use your custom setting. All the features are self-explanatory and comes with a built-in real time preview option. You can see how it will look before you save. While customisation, the best practices are to blend the style perfectly with shopify's checkout page.

Step-1: Create coupons for your store

To start with, you will need an existing coupon code of your store. If you haven’t created any discount coupon yet, go to Discount Tab of your store and create your first coupon. If you want to activate funnel in retentio, you will need multiple coupon.

Step-2: Activate retentio and configure display messages

Activate retentio for your store by turning on the Activation button. Next you will need to configure the Display messages and timer countdown period. Retentio comes with a preset message which you can use or customize. The best practice for countdown period is 15-25 minutes but you can set it any duration between 10 to 55 minutes.

Step-3: Activating funnel

The concept of funnel is to display different discount offer to the same customers to pursue the customer for multiple repeated sales. So when a customer completes his/her first repeated purchase, retentio will display a more lucrative offer. If you keep the funnel setting deactivated, retentio will be displayed once.

Step-4: Add coupons

The final step of setting up retentio campaign is to add your coupons. The fields are self explanatory. Input your coupon code and display amount and select the nature of discount and thats all. If you activate funnel, add as many coupon as you want. But the recommended best practice is to set upto 3 coupons which gradually offers more discounts. For example, 10%, 20% and 25%.

Performance and analytics:

Retentio comes with a built in analytics. You can check how well your campaign is performing and edit/update accordingly. Feel free to reach our support for any kind of confusion or assistance you need.