Setting up and using Discount Direct app is totally no brainer. There is a panel to create your discount campaigns and a list that will show all your active campaign. To start with discount direct, you will need to create coupon from your shopify dashboard. If you already have the coupon it takes less than a minute to create and launch campaign.

Step-1: Create a discount coupon

Go to the Discount tab of your shopify dashboard and click on the Create Discount button. A form will appear. Create a discount code. The best practice for creating a coupon is using self explanatory coupon format. For example, if you are going to offer 20% discount for summer sale, a good format of the coupon will be SUMMER2017

Step-2: Create the campaign

The campaign creator dashboard is very easy to understand. Use your discount code, discount amount and decide your landing page. You can send the user to any page of your store. Then you need to decide on countdown timer setting. If you don't want to display any countdown, keep it deactivated. But at Hektor, we recommend using the timer. It creates urgency and increases conversion rate.

Step-3: Get your discount url

When a campaign is created, the app will generate a unique campaign url. Copy the url from the campaign list and use the url in your marketing campaign. The discount and popup will be activated when someone opens this url in his/her browser.

Discount direct supports an unlimited number of campaigns. You can use the same coupon to generate multiple campaigns as well.