Setting up booster is totally no brainer. Booster comes with a preset. So you can either use the preset settings or use your custom setting. All the modules comes with a built-in real time preview option. You can see how it will look before you save. While customisation, the best practices are too blend the element well into your template.

Colour scheme: Usually in most Shopify template, there is one primary colour and 1 or 2 secondary colour. So it is pretty easy to blend the design. At booster dashboard, you can directly input colour code as well as select one from the colour selector.

Typography: Don't worry about that. Booster automatically detects the typography of your template and uses that to blend in perfectly.

Alignment: Most templates uses left alignment for all the elements. So while setting up booster, we recommend to keep a keen look on your template's alignment. Booster elements can be aligned flexibly at left, center and right.

Compatibility: Booster is designed and tested with most of the popular Shopify templates. We have followed development best practices carefully to make it compatible with most of the designs and screen sizes. If you find any incompatibility with your template, contact us and we will sort it out as soon as possible.